YouTube Homepage Redesign Brings Video Queue

Google-owned streaming service YouTube is one of the most popular in the world, providing free content from creators around the world. The service is now looking to improve the browsing experience for viewers, and has provided a redesign for the homepage that brings new features, including easy search of content-related information, a new video queue, and your Includes the ability to mute the channels generated by. ‘t is interested in it. The updated homepage for YouTube is now rolling out for desktop browsers and tablet apps for Android and iOS.

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The first change in the redesign for YouTube sees video tiles on the homepage, becoming larger with higher resolution previews and better information. Users will now be able to see the channel icon below the previewed video on the homepage, allowing them to more easily identify the channel and content creators from the screen itself.

Another major change comes with a video queue option, which allows users to set which video queue to play in order. You can continue adding the video to the list of ‘list watch letter’, which is saved in your profile even after closing the browser. You can choose to mute the channel, by selecting the ‘Do not recommend channel’ option. This will remove it from the recommendations going forward.

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YouTube has also committed to bringing a feature that is already rolled out for Android – select your favorite themes and customize your home feed – as well as desktops and tablets as reported by 9to5Google . Finally, YouTube has made it a bit easier to read its terms of service, highlighting the fact that the new terms will go live on 10 December. Some of these new terms will be related to age restrictions for use as well as providing greater clarity. How YouTube uses your content and comments.

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