Xiaomi Patents a Phone Design With Second Display, Quad Rear Cameras

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has patented a new dual-display smartphone with quad rear camera setup. According to the patent, the primary display is like any other phone with ultra-slim bezels and earpiece top. Meanwhile, the secondary display on the new Xiaomi-patented phone is smaller in size, with a quad-camera housing at the rear.

According to a report, the secondary display will most likely show caller ID and notification alerts when the phone is placed down.

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Additionally, there is no selfie camera on the front which suggests that the secondary display may serve as a view-finder for selfie clicking with the rear camera.

Recently, the company patented a foldable smartphone with five pop-up camera setups.

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According to the patent, this foldable phone has an outward-folding screen and depending on how the user holds it, five cameras can be either a rear camera or a front-facing camera.

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The sketch of the device suggests that it will have really thin bezels and no display notch. The patent appears to have been presented on 20 August and was approved and published last week.

Xiaomi is expected to release the foldable phone by the end of 2019.

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