xiaomi air quality detector for home


MIJIA, A sub-brand of Xiaomi, has launched an Air Quality Detector as a part of smart home ecosystem. Price of MiJIA Air Quality Detector has RBM 399 (which apx. 4,200 inr).

The devices comes with five different parameters of air pollution detection, which include PM2.5, TVOCs, Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and humidity.

PM2.5 is a very latest scale that has been developed to measure the atmospheric particular matter that have a diameter less than 2.5 micrometers. These particles are so small and can be seen using electron telescope.

TVOCs are shortened of Total Volatile Organic Compounds, which includes a large group of organic compounds, which include a large group of organic chemical compounds including natural gases.

Features & Specifications:

The MIJIA Air Quality Detector comes with 3.97 inches touch display with 480×800 px resolution. The device can be paired to the MIJIA App, which can be synchronized with other smart home devices like Mi Air Conditioner, Humidifiers and others.

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