Xiaomi is Working on a Switch to turn off Ads on MIUI

MIUI is one of the most popular custom Android interfaces in India due to Xiaomi’s top position in the Indian smartphone market. Nevertheless, while the company’s devices have been praised for ‘value for money’ hardware, the interface has suffered a backlash to the company’s strategy for placing advertisements in the UI. Advertising on MIUI is a recent development and ever since it has been implemented, users and competitors have criticized the move.

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Now, Xiaomi Product Director and MIUI Experience Head confirmed that the company will turn on a switch that will allow users to disable advertisements in MIUI. This feature is currently being tested and can be rolled out with MIUI 11 which may be based on Android 10. He further confirmed that this feature will be rolled out to all Xiaomi phones in the next major update, possibly MIUI 11. The company’s independent brand Redmi has already stopped advertising on the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20, the two most premium offerings of the brand in India Is done. Though measures have been taken for this, other phones and advertisements like Redmi Note 7 Pro still suffer from advertisements.

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Last month, Xiaomi executive said that the company is working on reducing the number of advertisements users receive. In addition, Xiaomi CEO and co-founder Lei Jun had also confirmed that along with reducing the ads in the interface, it would also remove inappropriate ads marrying the user experience. If you do not mind placing ads in the interface, Xiaomi will modify the advertising algorithm, so that users receive ads that are relevant to them.

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Xiaomi claims to be primarily a software company. Hardware is a tool for users to use its software. Nevertheless, it remains the hardware business in the majority of the company’s revenue. Software and Internet services contributed 9.7 percent of total revenue, a slight increase from 9.1 percent the previous year.

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