Xiaomi HL Towel Disinfection Dryer now available on crowdfunding

Xiaomi is mainly known for its smartphones but the ecosystem of its devices surprises. The Chinese company is continuously adding new products to its YouPin crowdfunding platform. It has about 451 products available on the platform and its newest may be the most interesting yet. Xiaomi has included HLF Disinfection Dryer in its growing list of crowdfunding products. It is part of Xiaomi’s product portfolio aimed at the smart home lifestyle and follows a sleek and minimal design language.

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Xiaomi HL Towel Disinfection Dryer: Price and Features
Along with the HL Towels Disinfection Dryer, Xiaomi has also added an enhanced smart doorbell to the portfolio. The HL Towel Disinfection Dryer is now available for purchase on the eupine crowdfunding platform for RMB 299 (approximately Rs. 3,050). At the time of writing, the product had achieved a 715 percent funding target. The product is supported by 7154 people and has raised 21,39,046 RMB so far. Crowdfunding for this product will last 12 days and actual shipping is expected to begin on January 9, 2020.

As the name itself suggests, after using the HL Towel Disinfection Dryer your towel has to be disinfected and dry. The device can be placed in your bathroom and does not require too much sunlight. This will keep the towels dry on time and it can become the breeding ground for towels for bacteria. It also comes with a UV sterilization and disinfection function, which inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria.

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The dryer uses DC brush-less motor technology to reduce noise levels and provides high efficiency with energy savings. There is also a touchscreen display panel on the right edge of the device that displays the current temperature. The device can be mounted on the wall using 3M VHB tape on the back side. The twin blade fan inside the Xiaomi HL Towel Disinfection Dryer can supply air at 86 degrees and cover a wider area. The dryer turns off automatically when it detects a human body within 2.5 meters. It automatically shuts off when the temperature is too high.

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