According to reports, Xiaomi’s electric scooter M365 comes with a security flaw. hackers can take control of it’s breaking and acceleration controls system at about 100 meters of distance, even hackers don’t need to get physical access to the scooter to initiate the hack, they can remotely perform the action.

According to reports, hacker can also take control of anti-theft system, cruise control, Eco mode and update the firmware of the scooter.

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According to CNET reports, Anti-theft system hacks was initially spotted by security researcher firm Zimperium alomg with a proof of concept video, here the firm said that the problem lies in the way the scooter authenticates the password required to control the scooter with the help of the app. Xiaomi issued an official response to the report, and said that ‘it has been working to the problems while taking down all unauthorized apps. Company also said that they are working on an OTA update for scooter,