Xiaomi Electric Bike (Himo)

Xiaomi Electric Bike ( Himo) : Launched in China

Price : $261

Weight : 16.7 kg (36.7 lb)

Top Speed : 50 km (31 mi)

The Chinese company Xiaomi has an impressive line of affordable products, ranging from consumer electronics to sofas. They are doubling down even further on affordability with their newest electric bicycle, the 1,699 yuan ($261) Himo electric bike.

Himo is an impressive looking, if not somewhat diminutive electric bicycle.

The electronics, including the battery and controller, are housed in an IP54 waterproof central casing, which not only elegantly hides the less-than-attractive electric bike bits and pieces, but also allows the e-bike to be ridden in the rain.

Himo comes standard with a headlight and tail light that is powered by the main battery, meaning you never have to worry about replacing those annoying little batteries in your lights.

The cables and wiring are also integrated directly into the frame for a cleaner look – another feature rarely found on budget e-bikes.

The frame is a custom job too, made from aluminum alloy and built around the central case, which leaves room for a handle to carry the little e-bike with you.

At 16.7 kg (36.7 lb), Himo is not exactly svelte, but is still a lightweight by electric bicycle standards.

Xiaomi rates Himo as capable of 50 km (31 mi) on a charge, though that is likely in the lowest assist setting. Switching to a mode with higher motor assist will certainly drop the range.

Himo claims a rather lengthy 6.5 hour charge rate, which means it likely comes with a 1A or <50 W charger. Not a quick charger by any means, but sufficient for those that charge at work or overnight.

Ready to grab your own Himo? You can get your hands on one quickly if you’re in China, where it is currently selling out on Xiaomi’s own crowdfunding platform and expected to begin shipments on July 30th.