WhatsApp Status can now be Shared as a Facebook Story
Source: Timesnownews

Many users on Twitter have reported the latest feature of sharing WhatsApp status updates as Facebook Story. The latest versions are currently available for download through the App Store.

The ability to share WhatsApp status updates to Facebook Stories, the latest WhatsApp versions provide a share button – next to the Share to Facebook Story button – allowing you to share your updates to other apps.

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WhatsApp has updated its FAQ section to confirm the rollout. However, we noticed that this feature appeared randomly on both Android and iOS platforms, and is not available all the time.

In addition to the Share to Facebook Story button, the option to share Facebook Story lets you share your existing WhatsApp updates on the latest Facebook version of Facebook. After tapping My Status on WhatsApp, the option appears and then click on the More button next to the status update that you want to share on Facebook.

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The company wrote on its updated FAQ page, “On Android and iPhone, you have the option to share your WhatsApp status updates in Facebook Stories and other apps.” It also underlines that this feature is available only if you have Facebook for Android, Facebook Lite for Android or Facebook for iOS on your device.

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