WhatsApp may soon offer two different Dark theme to iOS users
Image Source: wccftech

WhatsApp is hoping to unveil two types of dark themes for iOS devices soon. A recent report claimed that the new Dark Theme has three configurations, but currently, only two have been implemented. The first dark theme adopts a configuration using very dark colors for table and cell backgrounds, reports WaBetaInfo. The second uses soft dark colors for both table and cell backgrounds.

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The quoted source says that it is unknown whether WhatsApp users will be given the option to choose the configuration. The report states that it seems that WhatsApp will automatically select the configuration based on device accessibility settings. As WhatsApp is still working on this feature, it is not available yet. The report said that WhatsApp has been working very hard on the feature in recent updates to ensure the best bug-free experience before its release.

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WhatsApp also introduced the fingerprint lock feature for its Android app (stable version). This feature provides an additional layer of security to WhatsApp users to prevent others from reading their messages. This feature will be found in the “Privacy” section under the “Account” option in WhatsApp. To enable the settings on WhatsApp, go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock.

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