5G Networks

5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, it will offer you fast speed of internet and data transfer you never seen before. 5G will offer you faster speed than current connections, with average download speed of 1Gbps.

5G networks are expected to launch on 2020. All mobile companies are working to launch smartphones with 5G technology. According to Rumors, Samsung Galaxy S10 will launch with 5G connectivity.

Features of 5G Networks

  • Fast download and upload speed as compare to 4G.
  • Smoother streaming while surfing internet
  • High quality of video and voice calls
  • Advance technology – including self-driving cars, and more smart AI

How fast 5G?

As 5G technology is under development we can not figure that how fast 5G will be, but we can say that 5G technology will definatly surprise us by their speed.

Rumors about 5G : Download speed will be around 1Gbps and will reach apx. 10 Gbps.

Data rates could reach a whopping 800Gbps.

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