What If You Are Not Able to Download an App From Google Play Store?

If you are not able to download an App or any Game from the official Google Play store App or some times the download screen shows some error message. This is the most common faced by Android Phone users, when they find out exciting app or a game on the Google Play store and get stuck while try to download the app.

Now if you are frustrated from facing the same issue again and again, that here are the solution for you. Before talking about the solution, than there are a few things those users need to check. Google Play Store downloads only download one app at a time, so in case if their is another app is on update or in pending, or any app is being downloaded than let them finish or manually abort the download.

Android Users also need to check that they have good internet connectivity or internet is working or not. One more thing Google Play Store download apps and games with a bigger file size over Wi-Fi. So make sure to uncheck the “Download over Wi-Fi” Option after pressing the download button.

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Now if everything is fine, and you have good internet connectivity, also having enough space to download the app.

This is most commonly known error as Error-20. To resolve this kind of issue users need to clear the cache and re-sync their Google Account. Here are the steps to do it:

  • First Open the Setting app and tap on the ‘Application or Apps’ option
  • Then search for Google Play Store and click on it
  • Now click on ‘Clear Data and Clear Cache’ Option
  • Then, Go to Accounts option and delete the Google Account
  • Now Restart your smartphone and setup the Google Account again.
  • Now after setting up your Google Account, get back to the Google Play store and try to download the app.
  • Hope your issue is now resolved.