Since last year, we are hearing a lot about The desi GPS module, finally launched at an event held in New Delhi. Mobile Tek and Rama Krishna Electro Pvt. Ltd. Company introduced UTRAQ, a VTS module that is based on India’s regional Navigation Satellite System to track the locations.

Rama Krishna Electro company is launching two products with and without antenna, Shivang Luthra, MD, said. The product will be launched for commercial vehicles. Samples would be distributed in October and commercialization was planned a few months later.

Until now, the Gps based applications in devices were based on the feed given by US satellite but now UTRAQ will be based on India’s own satellite system, and will give more accurate and reliable location data.

Company launched two modules, included L110 GNSS module, it’s a compact NavIC module, and other one is L100 GNSS module that is smaller sized Patch on the TOP IRNSS module, both module will used to work different tasks other than tracking, included ranging, command,control, timing and much more.

These modules can be used in marine, aerial, terrestrial navigation for hikers and travelers, vehicle tracking, geodetic data capture.

The UTRAQ modules support L1 and L5 bands, EPOTM orbit prediction, EASYTM self-generated orbit prediction and measures 18x16x2.3mm.