Twitter to Soon Offer More Context on Why Certain Tweets Are Unavailable

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You will before long have the option to know why certain tweets go inaccessible in your discussion string on Twitter. The small scale blogging stage is dealing with to “include setting” to “this tweet is inaccessible” takes note.

“We’re fixing the issue where you see so many ‘This Tweet is unavailable’ notices in conversations. This is usually due to deleted or protected Tweets, or muted keywords,” Twitter Support posted on Friday.

There are a few reasons why a tweet in a discussion string is inaccessible, similar to arrangement infringement, erased due to certain particular catchphrases present or quieted by a client.

“In a few weeks, you’ll start seeing more context on each notice to help explain why Tweets are unavailable,” the company added.

Kayvon Beykpour, Product Lead at Twitter, said: “We’re going through and overhauling every place where the product says ‘tweet is unavailable’ to be more transparent about what’s actually happening”.

Most of the tweets that go unavailable are likely from accounts with protected tweets, he said.

“The fact that the ‘unavailable’ message is showing with a placeholder row is recently changed behaviour (as result of a different change) that is confusing. They should be hidden,” Beykpour added.