According to reports, Micro-blogging website twitter has storing your shared messages, even after the deletion of the messages. Twitter is also keeping the shared data of those account which were deleted or suspended.

According to the reports of TechCrunch, Security researcher Karan Saini has discovered that years old messages in form of a file from the data archive has been obtained via the website from accounts which are no longer available or active on twitter. Erliar Karan saini also claimed to reported the same kind of bug, the year old bug allowed him to use a deprecated API which was used to retrieve direct messages even after it was deleted by sender or receiver.

“We are looking into this further to ensure we have considered the entire scope of the issue,” said by Twitter spokesman.

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According to Twitter’s privacy policy, if any user wants to leave the platform can deactivate their account, and after 30 days the data of account will disappear from the twitter. “But in our test, we could recover direct messages from year ago including old messages that had since been lost to suspended or deleted accounts. By downloading your accounts data, it is possible to download all of the data Twitter stores on you,” the report said. Accoding to Karan saini, it’s not a security flaw, but a kind of functional bug.