Twitter Starts Rolling out OLED Friendly Dark Mode to It’s Android App

Dark Mode was first brought back to Twitter’s Android app in 2016. Now, following reports of Twitter testing a new dark mode called “Lights Out” on its Android app, the social media company has started rolling it out on Android apps. It was first introduced on the iOS app in March. The Twitter VP of Design and Research revealed that Lights Out Mode will be unveiled for Android by mid-September, but it was only available for the alpha version of the app so far.

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The new Twitter Dark Mode for Android has a third element below the display head. This allows users to choose between two options – Dim and Lights Out, the Dark Mode appearance. ‘Dim’ refers to Twitter’s existing dark mode in the static app, while ‘lights out’ mode is new. Lights out mode allows users to change the interface to True-Black tone. It is said to help curb power consumption on phones with OLED displays. You can see the difference between dim and lights out mode.

Dark-friendly Lights Out for Twitter’s Android app is running for users with the latest version of the Dark Mode app, which is 8.18.0. You can turn dark mode on / off on Twitter by tapping on the light bulb icon at the bottom of the slide-out menu. It can be accessed from the home screen by swiping to the right or tapping on someone’s profile picture.

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Several responses to Twitter’s official announcement suggest that Light Out has yet to reach most Android phones. However, for those of you who have received the new light out mode, you can enable it by going to Settings and Privacy> Display and Sound menu. There is a new sub-menu called “Dark Mode Appearance”, which has two options – Dim and Lights Out. If you need to enable the True-Black Tone mode, select Lights Out.

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