So many people are paying for high-speed internet connection at home, and might not be satisfied with the speed you are getting. But there might be couples of reason, due to those you are not able to get proper speed and you need to pay attention to improve the home Wi-Fi network by making few little changes to the hardware.

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  • Keep your Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware
  • Select 5GHz frequency in your dual band router instead of default 2.4GHz.
  • Upgrade the Wi-Fi network to need the maximum coverage and internet speed.
  • Don’t keep the Wi-Fi router near walls, put it in open place.
  • Control bandwidth usage by particular apps by tweaking the Quality of Service setting in network administration.
  • Switch your Wi-Fi routers with booster to get the most out of your internet plan.
  • Set your external Wi-Fi antennas to boost internet speed and coverage for larger area.
  • Use low cost repeaters and extenders to boost Wi-Fi coverage.