How to track your lost Android smartphone by using Google Map

Track your android smartphone using Google Map

Did you lost your Android phone, here is the way to find your android smartphone  by using google map. If you accedentily lost your phone somewhere or drop it? Now if you are worried about your data stored on that phone, are you afraid to stolen of your data, pictures, and contacts?

An android smartphone comes with a function “FIND YOUR PHONE“.

Follow below mentioned step to find you smartphone.

You only require :

Another smartphone or computer with internet connectivity

Login user and password of Google account which you were logged in with lost phone.

Now follow the steps

Step 1: Open on any smartphone or computer

Step 2: login with your google account.

Step 3: Now click the horizontal bar at right side corner of google map with three dots.

Step 4: Select ‘your timeline’ option

find the lost android phone

Step 5: Here you need to enter the date month and year which you want to see location history of your device

Google map will now show you the history of you phones location.

Google pixel 3Xl.

If you lose your phone and wanted to remove all the data remotely, than you can use below mentioned method

Step 1: First you have to open link on browser.

Step 2: login with your google account.

Step 3: Now you device will appear on the screen

find my phone

Step 4: Now select your device.

you can see too many option there, like

find lost phone

Option 1: Lock your phone : This option will lock your phone with 4 digit password, and only will unlock if someone enter that password.

Option 2: Try calling your phone : This option will give a ring on your lost smartphone.

Option 3: Sign out on your phone : This option will sign out your google account from your lost smartphone.

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Option 4: Reach out to your carrier : This option will disable your sim by contacting your sim provider, that will make your identity secure.

Option 5: consider erasing your device : If their is no way to get back your phone and you lost the hope to get back you phone, than you can remotely remove the whole data of your lost smartphone.