Tesla Cybertruck will join Dubai Police force in 2020

Tesla Cybertruck, an electric pickup truck, was unveiled by Elon Musk last week. Before its availability next year, Musk has confirmed that the company has received more than 2.5 lakh registrations for electric pickup. Interestingly, one of the owners of this electric pickup will be the Dubai Police. The Twitter handle of the Dubai Police posted a photo of Tesla Cybertruck under the official obligation of the police force. The cyber police will join the exquisite lineup of Dubai Police supercars.

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Tesla Cybertruck will join Dubai Police Force in 2020
The current fleet of Dubai Police-owned supercars include the Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77, BMW i8, Ferrari LaFrari, Lamborghini Aventador and Lycan Hypersport, etc. Along with Cybertruck, Dubai Police will for the first time add a pickup truck, an electric one, to its fleet. Cybertruck is a purpose-built pickup truck, with off-road capacity and a maximum range of over 800 km. Tesla has announced Cybertruck in three variants: a single-motor RWD variant with a range of over 402 km.

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There is also a dual-motor AWD variant with a range of over 482km. The third variant is a top-class tri-motor AWD variant with a range of over 805 km. The photo posted on Twitter by the Dubai Police shows a modified version of the police force in its official color. It will offer a maximum towing capacity of 6,350 kg and a sprint time of 0–100 kmph in about 3 seconds. Since its appearance, Siobrook has become one of the most discussed about the automotive product in recent times. This futuristic design is far from the usual design seen in the pickup truck segment.

Cybertruck will compete with best-selling pickup trucks from Ford and RAM in the US market. It has a band of LED light upfront and Tesla says that the body is made of ultra-hard cold rolled stainless steel. It can withstand shots from a sledgehammer. However, Tesla failed to display the armored glass window, which is also said to have suffered when hit with a solid metal ball. At the time of the incident, the glass broke as soon as a metal ball was thrown at the window. Musk confirmed that the company would strengthen it before Cybertbrook went on sale.

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While Cybertruk is a huge departure from the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 in terms of exterior design, the interior is a proper Tesla. It has a 17-inch touchscreen that acts as an infotainment system and provides access to all car functions. In addition to the seat for 6, there is a carbo bay that is 6.5 feet long and provides about 100 cubic feet of storage space. It has a ground clearance of 406 mm and an approach and departure angle of 35 ° and 28 ° respectively.

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