Telegram Update Brings Polls 2.0 Including Quiz Mode

Telegram, a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app, on Friday announced a new feature called ‘Poll 2.0’ for conducting a variety of elections within chat groups and channels. With this, users can now explore three new types of telegram polls – viewable votes, multiple answers and quiz modes.

The goal of Poll 2.0 is to enrich the learning experience, with Telegram giving users more options to engage and express their opinions on how to choose from a variety of options.

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According to the company, this new feature can be used to increase users’ views, create polls and create objective-based learning through multiple choice questions (MCQs) and subject-based quizzes by teaching and learning channels.

Launched globally and available to Indian users, these polls can be made across groups or channels. An updated attachment menu, now allows a ‘poll’ option where users can follow simple steps from the menu and select one of the three poll types.

Just type the question, add the answer option, choose the settings that fit as the easy option and complete it. Telegram recognizes that messaging applications have become an intrinsic part of communication across age groups and industries.

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Additionally, the quiz bot is going to be another surprise for users as it will allow them to create multi-question quizzes with additional text and media capability and share them with others.

It enables its users to indicate exam style with graphs and tables. Users can also reply in groups, channels, or individually. The bot can also place a tap on how many answers were correct, the time taken by a user and uploaded to a global leaderboard telegram.

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