Tata Sky Stops Offering Long-Term Channel Packs to New Subscribers

Tata Sky has reportedly stopped offering long-term channel packs to its new customers. New Tata Sky customers will no longer be able to opt for a six-month or annual channel pack to save on subscription costs. While most semi-annual or annual channel packs have been discontinued for new subscribers, Malayalam and Marathi still have two regional language channel packs. These packs can be subscribed to SD quality. Existing Tata Sky subscribers who have already subscribed for a long term pack will not be affected.

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According to a report by TelecomTalk, Tata Sky has silently stopped offering the option to subscribe to the six-month and annual channel packs. However, the publication notes, SD Kerala Super Plan and Marathi SD Basic Plan are still available for a six-month or annual subscription. Earlier, Tata Sky customers also go for SD Kannada Super, SD Kannada Price, SD Telugu Super, SD Kerala Super, SD Tamil Super, SD Telugu Price, Tamil Super Annual, SD Kannada Super Annual, SD Telugu Super Annual and other packs Can. For a period of six months or 12 months.

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