Spotify’s Google Assistant Powered Music Recommendation Feature in Now Live

Spotify has announced that users who listen to music on a Google Assistant-powered device can now receive music recommendations via simple voice commands. Additionally, Spotify has also revealed that its podcast recommendation feature is also now live. Spotify will rely on algorithms to analyze users’ listening habits and then curate a list of recommended podcasts with the name “Your Daily Podcast”. Finally, Spotify has also announced its first three original podcasts for India which will go live in the country on 3 December.

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Starting with the Google Assistant-powered music recommendation feature, Spotify has announced that the virtual assistant can now find and play a song that suits users’ musical tastes with just a simple voice command. “Hey Google, recommend some music” to all users streaming music from Spotify on a smart home device powered by Google Assistant like Google Home to play a recommended song selected only after assessing their music listening history As the order requires.

Other activation phrases include “Play recommended music” and “Find recommended music”. If users don’t want recommendations, they can say “play something else / different” or “try something else / different”. The feature currently has support for the English language only, and reportedly can be used regardless of geographic location. However, it is only available to Spotify Premium customers.

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Moving into the world of podcasts, Spotify has announced that its algorithms can now study users’ choice of podcasts to create podcast playlists for them. The podcast recommendation algorithm will stop after users have listened to at least four podcasts in the last 90 days. When this happens, users will see a new “Your Daily Podcast” playlist in the “Your Top Podcast” shelf at home, or browse the “Made for You” Hub. This feature is now only for users of both free and premium levels in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, UK and USA.

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