How to Setup a cloud server in digitalocean?

Now a Days Digital ocean is a very Popular cloud server. Digital ocean provides you s many services like app development, web hosting, virtual private server (Droplets). Also digitalocean is giving $10 – $15 for trial period which you can use for 12 month.


Now here is the tutorial that how to setup cloud server in digitalocean.


First you have to create an account in digitalocean.

After that on the top of the dashboard, their is the option to create a droplet.

Click on that and create a droplet for you. now choose the right configuration according to your need.

Now choose the right plan for you. Basically they charge for monthly or hourly basis, you can choose any of them.


Now choose the data center for you where you want to save your data or host your data.

Now choose the no. of droplet and rename your host.

All done.

Now you can use your droplet to host you data.

Now you can connect your linux system using putty  tool.

You can find out the ip address of droplet in the dashbord.

The default login will be root and digitalocean will send the password in you registered email address.


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