Scientists Develop System that Creates Virtual Taste

Scientists Develop System that Creates Virtual Taste

Scientist has developed a system that creates virtual taste by controlling neurons with light. According to reports, the system was successfully applied on flies, enabling them to experience sweet taste while feeding on bland gelatinous goo.

The tool optoPAD, developed by the researchers fro,m Champalimaud Foundation in Portugal, combines two high tech elements.

“The flyPAD uses touchscreen-type technology to monitor the fly’s feeding behaviour. Just like your phone is able to detect the touch of your finger on the screen, flyPAD is able to detect whenever the fly touches the food,” said Jose- Maria Moreira, one of the researchers in the Journal eLife.

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“With optoPAD, we are constantly monitoring the behavior of the fly, to ensure that we optogenetically change the taste of the food precisely when the fly is in contact with it,” Moreira said.