Scientist has find out the way to convert plastic bags into carbon chips that can be used in batteries powering our smartphones and other devices. As we know that plastic bag pollution has became a hug problem and prompting a lot cities and countries to heavily tax or ban the sacks.

A lot number of plastic bags are used once and then disposed, which is the main reason to ending up in landfills, ocean and other places in the environment, these plastic bags take a long time to decompose and pollute our environment. According to researchers of Purdue University US, polyethylene in plastic bags could be an inexpensive source of energy storing carbon.

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The researchers immersed polyethylene plastic bags in sulfuric acid and sealed them inside a solvothermal reactor which heated the sample to just below polyethylene’s melting temperature. The treatment caused sulfuric acid groups to be added to polyethylene carbon-carbon backbone so that the plastic could be heated to a much higher temp without vaporizing into hazardous gases. At last they removed the sulphonated polyethylene from the reactor and heated it in a furnace in an inert atmosphere to produce pure carbon.

Now this carbon used to make anodes for lithium-ion batteries, and the results comes the batteries performed comparably to commercial batteries,.