Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone Launching in November

A recent Weibo post suggests that the company will launch a new foldable phone under its W series, which will be called the Samsung W20 5G sometime in November. Samsung’s flip-phones have usually been launched under its W series and the teaser image partially shows the silhouette of the flip phone’s edges. Samsung’s image also reveals the name of the device.
A recent Weibo post from China Telecom has a teaser for the Samsung W20 5G foldable phone, which is due to launch sometime in November. It is the successor to the Samsung W2019, a clamshell phone that launched around the same time last year. However, this time, instead of a physical keypad, we can see the full display that folds in half, similar to the Galaxy fold. The teaser image shows a silhouette of the phone’s edges, where light is emitted in a partially open position from where the display should be. It can also have a display on the outside. Of course, all of this could have been done just for dramatic effect and the W20 5G could be a more generic clamshell with only a physical padpad. The post was viewed by Fonearena.
We have been hearing strong rumors about Samsung that were producing two more foldable models after the launch of the Galaxy Fold and even news about a foldable phone that fell into a category. The W20 5G may very well be one of these models.
Time for the clashing of the W20 5G, with Motorola’s big reveal of its razor foldable phone, to be unveiled on 13 November. Recently leaked photos of the razor 2019 foldable phone give us a glimpse into the folding display, reminding us of a body. Classic razor feature phone with a clamshell design and also a display on the outer cover. Hopefully, we should get more details soon.
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