Samsung W20 5G Foldable Phone Launch Date

The Samsung W20 5G foldable smartphone is to be launch in China on 19 November. After launching this month, a poster has been launched online a few days after the launch of the foldable phone. The Samsung W20 5G foldable smartphone has received nothing but the 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In China, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4G variant was launched today, and the 5G variant is now reportedly coming as the Samsung W20 5G foldable smartphone.

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Tipster MMDJ has tweeted the launch poster of Samsung W20 5G. The poster shows that the phone will be launched in China on 19 November, and it shows a foldable phone that is similar to the design of the Samsung Galaxy fold. This contradicts previous reports of flip-like design, synonymous with Samsung’s older W-series. Furthermore, Tipster noted in a reply that the Samsung W20 5G foldable phone is nothing but the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G version, as the 5G version was not launched in China today.

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After an initial hiccup, Samsung resumed the global rollout of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in key markets. It launched the 4G variant in China today, and the 5G variant is now expected to arrive on 19 November. Of course, the validity of this leak cannot be ascertained, and we recommend you take it lightly. It is still possible that Samsung will launch a flip phone like the foldable Samsung Galaxy W20 5G in China – this is the second foldable phone of this year. Or, it may just be the Galaxy Fold 5G variant with which another name is associated.

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