samsung Exynos-9820


Tech Giant company Samsung unveiled its new flagship system-on-chip, the Exynos 9820. The CPU features comes with tow custom cores, two cortex-A75 cores and four cortex A55 Cores. It’s a Samsung first octa-core design in tri-cluster setup.  Samsung says the chip’s single core performance will see even greater improvements upon the Exynos 9810, up 20 percent, with up to 40 percent greater power efficiency.

8NM Process, 4G LTE, AI and UFS

Unlikely Samsung’s chip is not based on 7-nm architecture, but 8-NM. It wouldn’t have 5G support similar to kirin 980 nad snapdragon 855.  Samsung is said to be working on a 5G-enabled Galaxy S10, but this would require a different chip-set, or an external 5G modem. Samsung says this NPU will lead to seven times faster than on AI tasks compared to the Exynos 9810. Exynos 9820 also supports both UFs2.1 and UFS 3.0. which is twice as fast as the former.

8K video Recording

Exynos 9820 comes with 8K resolution video recording and 30 fbps and five camera support. 8k video recording is still rare but will become common in smartphone cameras in the up-coming years.

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