Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold 2 early next year

Samsung is reportedly working on launching another Galaxy Fold model in the form of Galaxy Fold 2. The second-generation fold will most likely be launched in April 2020. Samsung hopes to use ultra thin glass on top of the foldable display for better security. Next Galaxy Fold. Not only this, Fold 2 will be bigger and instead of folding like a book, Samsung will introduce a new clamshell folding mechanism. When the device is exposed, a large 8.1-inch display can be given in the Galaxy Fold 2.

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Samsung is seriously considering taking a smartphone with a foldable display on a large scale. The company is also working on a cheaper version of the Galaxy Fold which will be launched globally. While the current Galaxy fold will be available in select markets, the more affordable Galaxy fold will reportedly be available in more countries.

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While Samsung has always argued about the importance of the S-Pen stylus for large-screen phones, it is quite clear that Samsung will try to incorporate it with future versions of the Galaxy Fold. Interestingly, reports have stated that Samsung may combine Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note series phones in the future and patents suggest there may be a foldable Galaxy Note device with the S-Pen.

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S-Pen support on the foldable display will allow users to move content around a larger screen using air gestures along with other regular Galaxy features features. The idea is to offer a full range of S-Pens and a larger screen, capable of expanding the possibilities of a foldable display and stylus.

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