Samsung patents vertically folding smartphone

Samsung patents vertically folding smartphone

Motorola is reportedly working on a foldable RAZR smartphone, which will fold vertically. Now, it seems like Samsung is also working on a new smartphone, which will fold vertically according to a new patent filed by the company.

Samsung filed a patent with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for its vertical folding smartphone earlier this month. The patent was first viewed by LetsGoDigital. The device has a display that will be similar to Huawei’s Mate X. This would cause the device to have a smaller footprint, while still allowing parts of the display to function for other tasks.

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When the device is folded, consumers can use the rear display to click other people’s images while they see what the image looks like, track information, and more.

According to the render images posted on WIPO, the folding hinge will allow users to setup multiple configurations when folding the display, including the ability to bend in or out.

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