South Korean giant Samsung has launched a 12GB LPDDR4X DRAM for mobiles. According to the company, it’s the industry’s first 12GB low power double data rate 4X package and is claimed that it will feature higher capacity than most ultra thin notebooks.

In Company’s press statement, company said that this DRAM will enable smartphone users to take full advantage of all features in next generation of smartphones.

This DRAM will help smartphone makers to maximize potential of devices with features like multiple cameras, AI support and 5G capabilities.  It has 1.1 mm thickness and allow for sleeker smartphone designs in addition to ultra large high resolution screens. According to reports, this DRAM can deliver a data transfer rate of 34.1GBps.

The 12GB of capacity was achieved by combining the Six 16GB LPDDR4X chips based on the 2nd gen. 10nm class process into a single package.

“With mass production of the new LPDDR4X, Samsung is now providing a comprehensive linup of advanced memory to power the new era of smartphones, from 12 GB mobile DRAM to 512GB eUFS 3.0 storage,” Said Sewon Chun, Executive vice president of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics.