Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 1Kg Gold

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 With 1KG Gold Cover

Recently Samsung launched it’s Galaxy note 9, and now a Russian company Caviar who are willing to burn a hole in your pocket. They are selling a Samsung galaxy Note 9 case made by 1 KG of Gold. Caviar boasts that it uses 1 kg gold to create the appearance of a gold ingot.

Price and feature:

The company does offer other customization that are far, far cheaper than this, but who would want those after seeing gold. You need to pay only $60,000. And that’s for a 128 GB model. Galaxy Note 9 to carry an eye-catching (not to mention thief-attracting) and heavy gold bar in your hand, pocket, or bag. For some, the 4,000 mAh battery and Bluetooth clicker S Pen.


So what you all think about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 1KG Gold. Write down in comments and share.


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