Samsung Galaxy Fold Bend Test, Scratch Test & Flame Test Results

Finally Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready for relaunch and was ready for display at IFA 2019. The Tech Youtuber JerryRigEverything has published a video with a series of tests on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. They also purified a bend test, scratch test, flame test and even some sand to test the dust resistance of the hinge. Separately, Samsung also released a new video with warnings about the Samsung Galaxy fold, and the amount of care it needs.

In the unboxing video, he shows that the box contains accessories, Galaxy earbuds, and manual charging. The phone is first put through a scratch test and the outside small screen is at level 6, with deep grooves at level 7, similar to most phones. The large screen inside begins to, frustratingly, scratch at level 2. Nelson can induce scratches on the screen using just his nails.

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The sides of the phone are made of metal with buttons, making it easy to scratch. During their test, they accidentally cut off a portion of the screen with their metal scratching tool, and this slight action killed an entire bar of pixels up to the top. This left a permanent white stripe at the top of the screen, making that part unusable on most occasions. In a joke, Nelson compared the screen hardness to a $ 2,000 stick of flour, grated bread, and chewing gum.

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Sand testing shows that the phone will not be able to survive on the beach even for a day, as the sand is permanently hinged by spraying a little sand on display. It is unfortunate that the sand gets into the phone so soon. The flame test is a positive with the display – both inside and outside the small screen – fully recovers even after exposure to the flame for more than 10 seconds.

Finally, the Bend test shows how powerful the hinge is, even after applying a lot of pressure, the phone does not crack. The antenna band is seen to give off a bit, but the phone, overall, undergoes bend testing.

Watch the full video of Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing here …..

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