Salesforce to Use Amazon AI Technology to Improve Call Center Services

Business software provider said on Tuesday that it would improve the customer service app using artificial intelligence (AI) technology from’s cloud computing unit.

Salesforce creates software systems that allow businesses to use customer information in-house, such as what products or services a customer has purchased and how long they have been customers. Agents use information to solve customer problems.

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Salesforce said it would use technology from Amazon Web Services to convert customer spoken words into text, where it could be translated into different languages ​​or analyzed to determine if customer anger Is in or satisfied, all in real time.

From there, Salesforce’s own software can read the text and make suggestions using data already in the business’s Salesforce-based systems, such as recommending answers to customer queries.

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Salesforce President and Chief Product Officer Brett Taylor said the practical impact of software can be as simple as not holding the customer.

For example, he said, when a customer asks an insurance company about the size of a policy deduction, instead of having a customer look at the customer data, the software automatically removes it from the system Can.

“It really gives less time to resolve these calls, which is great for both sides of that conversation,” Taylor said in an interview. “For those in a contact center, improving the efficiency of all those calls is a huge cost (savings). And for you as a consumer, that means you get that call more quickly. Are, you solve your problem more quickly. ”

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Salesforce plans to unveil the software at a user conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, attracting thousands of participants to the city.

Partnership sales center and call center technology providers to Amazon, such as RingCentral Inc. Brings in more direct competition with. RingPentral has built cloud technology for call centers and recently executed a deal to supply Avaya Holdings, which was evaluating options for a sale or merger, during a struggle to build. Similar technology on its own.

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