Royal Enfield working on an electric motorcycle

Royal Enfield is set to challenge Harley Davidson by launching its own electric motorcycle. The company may be working on a new range of products including electric motorcycles. In an interview, Royal Enfield CEO Vinod Dasari hinted at a range of new products. He said that the situation is the worst in the current recession and sales are expected to pick up. He suggested halting double-digit growth and confirmed that capital expenditures had not been cut despite the slowdown in the industry.

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“Just because there was a recession, we did not cut our capex. Dasari told ET in an interview that I do not think we will spend anything on any major (facility). “Most of our capex will go into capacity building, new products, electric and other goods. And it will go to many small assembly plants around the world. ”

In another interview, Dasari detailed his plans to build an electric motorcycle. He added that the company’s UK Technology Center has been tasked with new product development. The Technology Center is one of two R&D centers in the UK, with the development of new products. Dasari also revealed that the UK Technology Center has designed an existing product with an electric powertrain. He himself “powered it” and Dasari saw it as a way to prepare for the future.

With its futuristic products, Royal Enfield is not only growing in India. It is also seen as an opportunity to strengthen its presence in international markets. Apart from the UK, Royal Enfield also has an R&D center in Chennai. The company says that its future product strategy will include electric motorcycles. However, it may still take a few years for the company to launch its first motorcycle with an electric powertrain. The company established its first assembly plant outside India in Thailand earlier this year.

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It is likely that Royal Enfield will launch a modern classic model with electric powertrain. Harley Davidson has already launched its first electric motorcycle named Livewire. However, the launch has not gone well for the company. With electric vehicles, companies need to rethink their entire strategy. The challenge for Royal Enfield will be on Premier Charging. In order to get an expanding charging network in the next few years in India, Royal Enfield may decide to launch its first electric motorcycle for the time being.

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