Anydesk warning from RBI

The Reserve Bank of India, has issued a warning to all online internet banking services user in the country.
In the warning Reserve Bank of India said, don’t download and install Anydesk app, if it is suggested online at anywhere, such as social media networks. The Reserve Bank of India warns that downloading this app could result in you bank account become empty in minutes.

What is Anydesk?
Anydesk is a remote software, that is used to take remote control of any computer from anywhere in world with good internet connection. It provide a 9 digit id to host computer, which we have to put on the anydesk app of remote computer, after that the remote computer can easily take the control of host computer.

According to media reports, use of this software can take control of your bank account and can perform transaction behalf of you through your device. The warning also coincides with an alert issue by RBI on Feb 14, where it was alerted banks about potential transaction on the UPI. It said that the cautionary notice was issued since it had seen a rising number of fraud the UPI platform. The alert regarding AnyDesk was issued by the Cyber security cell of RBI. It was also added in the warning that if anyone downloads and install the AnyDesk app and users grants permission to access the data of device, then it will start collecting the confidential data of your device.

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According to Zee Business, the notice issued by RBI is not just limited to mobile payments done using UPI, but it also applies to other mobile payment methods.

What our advise to prevent yourself? 

Don’t be trapped in any scam.

Don’t share your banking details to anyone that is not trustworthy.

Never share your mobile, laptop or other devices with unknown person.

Never share your debit/credit cards details or any kind of OTP received on your mobile number.

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