Razorpay Launches Payments Solutions for Freelancers

Bengaluru-based Payments startup, Razorpay, has launched paid support for an entire group of people selling their products or services through freelancers, consultants and social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Razorpay states that it supports payments for more than 100 currencies, and makes it easier for freelancers to receive payments. Tools such as collecting advance payments, creating GST compliant invoices and managing bills and finances are supported on feature platforms.

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You can check out the payment solutions for freelancers here. Earlier, Razorpay launched a payment page that allows people to easily set up online stores. In recent times, the company has tried to simplify OTP-based payments, introduced an easy way to accept membership payments, and to pursue more online payments through good UX.

It was one of several launches for RazorPay today. The company announced the launch of current accounts on its RespoRex platform. This is another step in Razorpay’s transition from a paying company to a “neo-banking” platform. Debit cards, cash transfers, fixed deposits, recurring deposits and other features are supported on this platform.

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Razorpay has also acquired Opfin, a payroll and HR management software company. Razorpay says that it hopes the Opfin acquisition will help its bid to offer a seamless AI-powered neo-banking platform, and offer a good product in the payroll market.

Along with RBL, the company has also launched a banking credit card. Razorpay said that this card is available for 50 days with a credit line of Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25 lakhs.

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