Qualcomm Wins a Pause in Enforcement of US FTC Ruling

Qualcomm Wins a Pause in Enforcement of US FTC Ruling

Qualcomm won a partial stay, according to a petition filed in court on Friday against the enforcement of a broad antitrust ruling in a lawsuit brought by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

On May 21, the company lost in an antitrust lawsuit and is fighting for a ruling to appeal it.

The San Diego-based company argued that the ruling could further bolster its dialogue with phone manufacturers making chips for 5G, the next generation of wireless networks.

In a judgment issued on Friday, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals shelved the provisions of an earlier ruling that required Qualcomm to license patents to rival chip suppliers and sign a patent license before purchasing The need to do your chip customers should end their practice. Chips.

The earlier ruling required Qualcomm to re-create all of its existing chip and patent deals, as well as new deals to fit the requirements. The stay on Friday affected parts of the regime during the appeals process, which could take a year or more.

The Qualcomm antitrust case was unique in that different parts of the US government were weighed with different views. The Department of Justice – the other primary antagonist regulator in the United States – said during preliminary testing that it disagreed with the FTC’s legal doctrine. And after a decision was given by the trial judge, both the Pentagon and the Department of Energy filed filings stating that implementing the decision would harm national security.

The Court of Appeal wrote in its ruling, “The government itself is divided about the propriety of the decision and its effect on the public interest.”

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Shares rose slightly after this news but then afternoon trading on Nasdaq was down 3.7 percent to $ 74.29. Shares have been fluctuating this year, rising from the mid $ 50 range to $ 85 after Qualcomm settled a major lawsuit with Apple, but then mid- after its loss of a case brought by the FTC. Fell in the $ 60 range.

The company has not formally filed its appeal in the FTC lawsuit. After Qualcomm filed its arguments, the appeal would take place in January.

In a statement, Qualcomm general counsel Don Rosenberg said the company believes that “the district court’s decision will be overturned after considering the merits of our appeal.”

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