Qualcomm QCS400 series for smart speakers and smart bars

Qualcomm has launched a new series of SoC named QCS400 series, which are basically for speakers, soundbars, AV receivers and digital assistants. This new series SoC feature Qualcomm’s AI Engine, improved Voice recognition and high quality audio support of Dolby Atmos.

The company detailed about the Smart Audio 400 platform, that it’s an end-to-end solution platform that is designed to help manufacturers accelerate the development of smart speakers.

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The QCS403 Soc is basically designed for smart speakers and assistants, and feature a dual core CPU and support upto 12 audio channels, in other hands QCS404 feature a quad core CPU and basically designed for smart speaker only. AI engine is only support by QCS405 and QCS407 SOC, which are designed for soundbars and AV receivers respectively.

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“These new SoCs raise the bar on both feature integration and power performance for smart audio compared to our previous technology,” said Rahul Patel, SVP and GM at Qualcomm.