How to Publish android app in Google play store?

After spending your time in Android App development, Now it’s time to publish your app in Google Play Store. and share with more than 1 billion active android users. If it’s your first time you are publishing an android app on Google Play store than this Tutorial can help you to do this.

First Step : You should be register on Google Play Publisher Account.

If you are not register with Google play publisher account  than you have to open a Google play developer account it will cost you $25 of fee to access Google Play Developer Console (click here to Register).

choose Developer name to represent you on Google store, and you need to fill some basic detail, after this you should wait apx. two days to be registered.

steps to publish android app on play store

Second Step: Set merchant Account

If you wanted to sell apps, include in-app products, or subscriptions, than you need to setup a Google payments merchant account. To Setup Google Payment merchant :

In Google play Developer console, Open financial reports and setup a merchant account and Update information related to your business.

Google Play Developer console is a primary dashboard to publish your android app. Here you need to check some points

1.  List of developer countries and merchant countries.
2. Location where to publish
3. Review Developer Distribution Agreement and the Google Play’s T&C.

Testing of the App

Google play gives you the option to test your app, there are two type of testing offered in APK section, Alfa and Beta.

Once you have uploaded you .apk files of app, you will get an URL that can be shared with the testers, with this link tester can download app’s alpha or beta version, as well they can provide feedback and reviews. This feedback can help to optimize the performance of you app and you can improve your app before publishing on Play Store.

Upload an Android App

This is the most important step of Uploading android application to play store. Here are the steps to upload an android app on Play Store.

  1. Click on Add New Application in the All Application tab.
  2. Login to the Google Play Developer console
  3. Select Default Language from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the Title of your app that will appear on Play store
  5. Select UPLOAD APK button.

Fill the details for store Listing

Your app page appearance on Play store play a instrumental role in attracting Android users. After uploading the .apk file, go to “Store Listing” tab, now add details of the app just like short description and full description of the app. you can also add screenshots and promo video link.
Make sure your app logo prepared with high resolution icon. You can also provide such as contact ,categories and more.

Price and Distribution

Select whether the app is Free or Paid.
Select distribution countries.
Check the boxes stating that you app complies with the content guidelines.

Publishing an android app on Google Play store is a simple process and can be done in less time, but the most important thing is developing a high quality android app.