PubG PC may Finally Get Clan System

A notable dataminer, who goes by the name, claims the player to hold information as well as images that point to the introduction of clans to the game. It should be noted that PUBs are already available on mobile.

According to the player’s tweet, the clans will cost 5,000 BP, and are said to have a maximum of 20 members. Interestingly, the clans are said to receive resumes’ from future recruits. It is not yet known whether players will be able to send custom made resumes, or if it will just be a list of statistics that is sent. Clan names are said to be between 2 and 15 characters long, with a shorter tag that will be between two and four characters. It was also noted that players would be able to create a slogan for their clan and ‘perform’ 180 characters. This will most likely serve as a clan description.

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PUBG for PC is currently on season 5. After updating Erangel in season 4, season 5 sees a refreshed version of the Miramar map. It now has a race track as well as a gold version of the Mirado vehicle that can only be found at the Hacienda del Patron. There is also the introduction of vending machines that can be used by players to obtain energy drinks and painkillers. The developers have also changed weapons and scope spawn rates to meet the long-lasting nature of the battle in the map. You can see the full list of changes in season 5 here.

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