PUBG Mobile is taking gamers as a new map, allowing gamers to play quick matches while playing on-the-go. The map was announced by the official PUBG mobile account on Twitter on Thursday without divulging any specifics. However, a PUBG mobile manufacturer revealed important information about the new development in a media interview. The team has created a live map specifically for mobile gamers who do not have hours to play matches on their smartphones. Thus, the idea is to provide a place where matches can be played as soon as possible.

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The livik map on PUBG Mobile aims to bring more flexibility for players who have a “tedious schedule” and want to squeeze in a quick match whenever they have some free time, with producer Rick Lee giving The Verge Told. The map is of two kilometers the size of two kilometers and has room to support the match with 40 players simultaneously. In addition, each game on Livik will last approximately 15 minutes.

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Lee said, “The waterfalls around the map will provide the player with unique interactions, not available on other maps.” The manufacturer also stated that there would also be a surprise strategy, which “involves unloading a motorboat from the top of a waterfall on an uninterrupted team.” The idea of ​​making such changes is to provide a realistic battlefield experience through new maps. Details about the availability of the live map have not yet been revealed.

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