PubG Mobile Season 10 Leak Reveals New Items, Skin, Emotes & etc

PUBG Mobile is now in its tenth season. And for the upcoming season 10, the popular Battle Royale game is adding new gameplay content. Tencent then updated to the new 0.15.0 version, bringing the much awaited payload mode with helicopter and rocket launcher. Now, with season 10, PUBG Mobile is adding even more features to add to you.

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Like every new season, the popular PUBG Mobile’s Leakster Mr. Ghostgaming will have new missions and passes. With the end of season 9 on 9 November, a steady rollout of the new season is imminent. Note that season 10 will be rolled out as an in-game update, which means you won’t have to go to the Google PlayStore to download the massive update file.

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The theme of season 10 is Future of the Westland. PUBG Mobile will offer two passes – Elite Pass and Elite Plus Pass. The latter will offer more unlockables. New skins are coming for parachutes, M249 and M416 assault rifles. There will also be a new Dacia skin and much more custom set.

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