PUBG Mobile Lite WinnerPass Brings Exclusive Rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite recently received a new content update detailing new UI elements, bombing zones, emots, and the Battle Royal game. Now, the developer is marking the update by introducing awards for loyal PUBG Mobile Lite players. After the V14.0 update, players logging in for the next 10 consecutive updates will receive a WinnerPass season upgrade card to rake in special rewards by completing and completing daily tasks. In addition, it will help PUBG Mobile Lite players unlock Elite WinnerPass Season 4 at no additional cost.

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After the arrival of the game in India, the availability of PUBG Mobile Lite recently expanded to some regions of Russia and Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). To develop the game’s growing popularity, wide reach and major v14.0 updates, developers Tencent and PUBG Corp. Offering exclusive prizes. Players logging into the game for ten consecutive days between now and September 15 will receive a WinnerPass season upgrade card.

The WinnerPass season upgrade card brings a host of new rewards that can be earned by completing daily tasks based on gameplay time, match ranking, and more. In addition, it will unlock Elite WinnerPass Season 4 at no charge. For the PUBG Mobile Lite v14.0 update, it features a visible home screen across the interface, new lobby background, and more polished graphics, making it look closer to the core PUBG mobile game.

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The rest of the PUBG Mobile Lite v14.0 update changelog includes new outfits, updated system settings, customization guides, emotions and improved battle parameters. The accuracy of the RPG-7 grenade launcher has been enhanced and bombing zones have been added to make the experience a bit more challenging, just like standard PUBG mobile games.

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