PUBG major changes to Team Deathmatch mode

A new PUBG update 6.3 went live on the main server last week. It introduced the already teased Panzerfaust and also made some changes to the weapons and team deathmatch modes. Changes in weapons include some weapons with one formerly found only in the care package. Team Deathmatch has a ton of new bug fixes along with changes to invincibility. All patch notes of PUBG update 6.3 can be seen here.

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New Weapon: Panzerfaust
The gods are secretly killing Panzerfaust in the Season 6 video. And now the weapon is finally out. It is a powerful AoE weapon, but Panzerfaust has some drawbacks to choose from. First, it takes a primary weapon slot, which limits the user’s choices. The projectile travels very quickly, but can be dodged by the attentive player. There is also a backblast area behind Panzerfest, so players will have to watch out for the squadmate before closing it.

Panzerfaust is guaranteed to be in every airdrop. This team will not be available in deathmatch mode. Panzerfaust bursts at the warhead effect, but can also be flown in mid-air. The damage radius is 6 m from the point of impact. Explosions can deal with short-range, thin walls and splash damage through objects. Can be used to break down specific walls on Karkin, much like a sticky bomb. The warhead will explode in mid-air, before being damaged by a bomb blast or hit by a bullet.

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Weapon balance
Other changes in addition to Team Deathmatch Mode include weapons that include the Tommy Gun which has been weak for some time, so the gods are adding red dots and a vision slot for Holos and increasing damage. The M249 is moving from care packages to normal loot, but is also doing little damage and getting a bit more repetition. Last but not least, the UMP-45 was discontinued with a switch from 9mm, so it is getting specs bump across the board.

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