PlayStation 5 Will Use Game Data to Improve Fan Performance Over Time

PlayStation 5 Will Use Game Data to Improve Fan Performance Over Time

PlayStation 5’s internal hardware was recently featured in an official teardown video revealing a large fan to keep the console cool. Now, Sony’s mechanical design chief, Yasuhiro Oteri, working on the PlayStation 5, has reportedly shared that the fan will improve the software in a timely manner. During an interview with a Japanese publication, Ottori revealed that the software supports online updates. The executive also shared that thermal performance will not be affected by the console’s orientation.

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In an alleged interview with the Japanese publication, Yasuhiro Oteri, who separated the PS5 in the official torn video, said that the console’s large 120 mm wide and 45 mm thick double sided intake fan is controlled by the software, which is updated Can be done- air. This will improve performance overtime. Additionally, the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) behavior data of each game will be collected and the fan will be customized accordingly. This is quite an interesting approach towards keeping the console quiet.

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To test the airflow within the console, the company had to create a transparent model and blow dry ice smoke through it, as the team measured the temperature of each part. The dimensions of the console are stated to be much larger than the PlayStation 4 of 390x104x260 mm in terms of height and width. The PS5 has a volume of 7.2 liters for the standard version and 6.4 liters for the digital version.

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The fan is made from glass fiber polybutylene terephthalate which makes it strong and does not easily deteriorate as the temperature rises. It is also said that the fan is quiet compared to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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