Plant Wearable and Airdropped Sensor

plant wearable sensor

Plant Wearable and Airdropped Sensor

To monitor plants on massive scale

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Saudi Arabia developed a wearable sensor for plants to analyze the plants on massive scale.

“When you are deploying PlantCopters, they get stuck strategically to the leaves of the plants because of the design architecture,” says Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, a professor of electrical engineering at KAUST.

“The plant monitoring systems you can get at Home Depot or Amazon are fairly expensive, and you have to go throughout the field and place them individually without them being able to communicate,” Hussain explains

Features and specifications 

Rechargable lithium-ion battery

programmable-system-on-chip with 256 kB of internal flash memory to record the data

Bluetooth chip to analyzed transmit the data.

“My overarching objective is to collect big data and infuse it with AI so that drones can make real-time decisions like spreading fertilizer and pesticides as needed,” Hussain says