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Patanjali kimbho App

Patanjali swadeshi messaging app

Yoga guru Baba Ram dev the owner of Patanjali, patanjali selling thousands of product for good health, but since few month’s patanjali is also working in IT sector and they are working in a project Kimbho “a messaging App” for android and iOS.

A Messaging app that will works in android & ios and will looks and work like whatsapp.

The official launch date of Kimbho app was 15th August but due to some reasons it wasn’t disappear form google play store, and the date was delayed than again Acharya Balkrishna, who’s the Managing Director of Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar announced that the Kimbho chat app will be re-launching on August 27.

From sources

After announcing the re-launch date of the app, “end-to-end encryption” Kimbho chatting app re-appeared on Google Play store on August 15, but yet again, was pulled down. Reportedly, some users complained about several issues, including problems in setting up profile pictures and complained about the poor user interface.


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