Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Dies at Age 62

Oracle’s co-CEO Mark Hurd, who led the two Silicon Valley giants, has died at the age of 62. Oracle confirmed his death on Friday, but did not provide any reason. Herd was on medical leave, which Oracle announced in September.

During his career, Hurd ran both Oracle and computer and printer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard. Herd joined Oracle as co-chairman in 2010, a month after leaving HP. He resigned from HP following allegations of sexual harassment by female contract workers.

In that pre-#MeToo era, Hurd’s departure from HP was an important Silicon Valley drama. Hurd did not violate sexual harassment policies, while an investigation found that he submitted an expense report incorrectly linked to his prosecutor. Hurd said he did not try to hide his organizers with the contractor, as he helps with the events.

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Herd settled with the contractor in 2010. HP’s share price doubled during Hurd’s five-year tenure as CEO, raising the company’s market value by nearly $ 50 billion.

During the scandal, Oracle President Larry Ellison came to the rescue of Harard, railing against HP for disclosing the harassment claim, calling it “cowardly corporate political correctness.” He said that the removal of the herd was the worst personnel decision since Apple had dismissed Steve Jobs a quarter century earlier.

Hurd’s tenure on HP was also associated with a notorious espionage scandal. HP has hired detectives including directors, staff – espionage and journalists in an effort to find the source of news leaks. This led to the leaving of the state of California and its presidents and settlements with journalists.

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HP filed a lawsuit against Oracle after hiring Hurd, saying that Hurd could not do its job without revealing HP’s trade secrets, but the companies quickly settled.

At Oracle, Hurd hired four thousand salute people and pushed for cloud-computing investments, according to a biography on his personal website.

In a note to Oracle employees, Ellison said he would miss “my close and irreplaceable friend”. In the official notice of Herd’s medical leave a month ago, Allison said that Herd requested an absence “to address some health issues and we all wish him a speedy recovery.”

Ellison said at the time that he and co-CEO Safra Katz would take over the responsibilities of the herd.

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Hurd described his decision to take a medical leave as: “Although we all worked hard together to close the first trimester, I decided that I needed to spend time to focus on my health Is required.”

Before joining HP in 2005, Hurd worked at commercial technology company NCR Corp for a quarter-century.

He grew up in New York and went to Miami for high school. He graduated from Boiler University, where he played tennis. He is survived by his wife Paula and two daughters.

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