oppo 10x zoom camera for smartphone

Oppo has confirmed that they are developing a smartphone camera system that will be features a 10X zoom lens. They didn’t revealed any prototype for now, but they promised more to be unveiled at MWC 2019. The 10X hybrid optical zoom is achieved by combining it’s 5X optical zoom sensor, which company shows off couple of year ago.  According to the company’s representative, the module cover the 35mm equivalent of 15.9-159mm focal length.

oppo camera 1 oppo camera 2 oppo camera 3


It’s essentially three prime lenses in one, that’s why oppo’s claim of lossless zoom might not quite be accurate throughout the entire zoom range. Oppo also said that they will show a new under-display fingerprint sensor with 15 times the active area of mainstream competing solutions.

oppo underdisplay sensor oppo underdisplay sensor 2

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