Ola launched Ola Mobility Institute

ola mobility institute launched

Ola launched Ola Mobility Institute

A ride-hailing platform, has announced the launch of Ola Mobility Institute

Ola mobility institute will focus on leveraging the ‘disruptive’ potential of mobility as a growth and innovation for India’s economy.

“Mobility touches everyone, everyday, everywhere in the world. The ongoing revolution in this sector promises to improve the lives of citizens, create significant employment and livelihood opportunities, and dramatically reduce congestion and pollution in cities. Every kilometre driven in a shared vehicle contributes to this, and the Ola Mobility Institute will work to ensure innovations continue to have a positive impact.” -Anand

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The institute will develop a framework to assess mobility in cities across India and other markets, also will develop tools that can help cities ease the burden of mobility on citizens. Research will soon announce in October.